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Frequently asked questions

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  • What are postpartum visits and why are they important?
    Postpartum visits are regular visits by a midwife to your home during the first weeks after birth. They are designed to check on the health and well-being of mother and baby, answer questions, provide support with breastfeeding, and help you cope with the new family routine. Postpartum visits are important to ensure a safe and positive transition to life with your newborn.
  • How often do postpartum visits take place?
    The frequency of postpartum visits depends on your individual needs. Typically, in the first few days after birth, visits occur every 1-3 days. After that, visits are usually reduced to weekly or bi-weekly appointments. The exact number and frequency of visits will be determined with you.
  • What does care during postpartum visits include?
    During postpartum visits, the midwife takes care of your physical and emotional health. She checks your general condition, the healing process after birth, the regression of the uterus and the weekly flow. She also assists you with breastfeeding/feeding your baby, answers questions about baby care, gives tips on dealing with possible discomfort, and offers support as you adjust to your new role as a parent
  • How long does a postpartum visit last?
    The length of a postpartum visit can vary, but it usually lasts about an hour. This gives ample time for a thorough examination, answering questions and discussing any concerns you may have. The midwife will take the time to address your individual needs and ensure that you receive the best care possible.
  • How do I arrange postpartum visits?
    To arrange postpartum visits, you can contact the midwife directly. Usually this is done during pregnancy to plan the care. It is advisable to make an appointment early to ensure that the midwife is available and can offer you the best possible support.
  • Who pays for postpartum visits?
    In Switzerland, postpartum visits are covered by health insurance. The costs of care by a midwife during the postpartum period are covered by basic insurance and the deductible does NOT apply. So there are no costs for you.
  • What happens if I need further support after the postpartum visits?
    The postpartum visits are designed to give you a good start to family life. If you need additional support after completing regular postpartum care, the midwife will continue to be available to you. She can help refer you to additional resources, counseling services or other professionals who can help you with special situations or challenges.
  • Can I have postpartum visits even for a home birth or after a cesarean section?
    Yes, regardless of the type of birth - be it a home birth, a birth in a maternity hospital or a cesarean section - you can take advantage of postpartum visits. The midwife will ensure that both you and your baby receive the care and support they need to recover well and have a healthy start to parenthood.
  • What is the process of a postpartum visit?
    The process of a postpartum visit can vary depending on the individual needs and wishes of the family. However, the visit usually includes several aspects. First, the midwife will check your physical and emotional recovery after birth. She will ask questions about your well-being, wound healing, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and address any physical discomfort. She will also assess the baby's condition, monitor weight and growth, and assist you with baby care questions. An important part of the postpartum visit is breastfeeding support. The midwife will help you learn proper latch-on technique, identify potential breastfeeding problems, and offer solutions. If you have chosen bottle feeding, the midwife will help you prepare bottle milk and answer any questions you may have about formula. The postpartum visit also includes the opportunity to answer your questions and provide information on various topics related to the postpartum and early childhood development. This may include questions about baby's sleep habits, umbilical care, general infant care, postpartum exercises for the mother, and more.
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