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Private birth preparation

Thorough birth preparation can help alleviate fears and worries about the upcoming birth, questions about  clarify and strengthen confidence in your own body.

I will personally come to your home and explain all aspects of the birth to you and your partner. Because of this private and intimate setting, I can better respond to your individual needs, topics and questions. Possible contents are:

  • The birth process and the different phases of birth/caesarean section

  • Pain relief options during childbirth

  • breastfeeding and infant care

  • Birth positions and their advantages

  • Partner's roles and responsibilities during childbirth

  • the course of the hospital stay

  • Postpartum support and care

  • Questions, concerns and fears of expectant parents



Birth preparation can be used from 28-30 weeks of pregnancy. In terms of time, I adapt to you and am flexible.


The interview takes place in your home in an intimate setting.


Length of time
The conversation lasts approx.3-4 hours.

CHF 60 is charged for every half hour started. The health insurance covers the first CHF 150 of the course.

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