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Kinesiologisches Taping Rekha Müller Hebamme Wochenbett Dübendorf Wallisellen Schwerzenbach Dietlikon Schwerzenbach Wangen Brüttisellen Zürich


Kinesiology taping is an effective way to relieve discomfort during pregnancy. It supports the natural movement, promotes muscle and joint function and reduces back pain, neck and shoulder tension as well as complaints in the pelvic area. Discover the benefits of kinesiology taping for a comfortable and pain-free pregnancy! Make an appointment and experience the beneficial effects of taping for yourself.


The treatment can be used from the beginning of pregnancy and can be repeated weekly if desired.


The treatment takes place at your home.


Length of time
The treatment lasts approx.1 hour.

Kinesiological taping during pregnancy is usually not covered by health insurance. It is advisable to clarify the individual benefits and options with your own health insurance company before starting treatment. The costs are CHF 100 per treatment.

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